In February and March this year, I spent five weeks in Maseru, Lesotho, to work on an EU project at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning. Below are some pictures of Maseru and of two short trips I took with my colleague Mark. Since I didn't have a car, I couldn't see as much of the country as I wanted, but that will be different when I go back to Lesotho at the end of June - this time with the mighty Cruiser. Then you can expect some more photos and a detailed write-up.

government offices.jpg
government offices
mohale dam.jpg
mohale dam
mohale dam2.jpg
mohale dam2
my chalet at lancer's inn.jpg
my chalet at lancer's inn
outside lancer's inn.jpg
outside lancer's inn
road to mohale dam.jpg
road to mohale dam
stopped by the river.jpg
stopped by the river
thaba bosiu.jpg
thaba bosiu
thaba bosiu2.jpg
thaba bosiu2
the dam1.jpg
the dam1
the dam2.jpg
the dam2
to lancers's gap.jpg
to lancers's gap
to pulane.jpg
to pulane
travelling by foot.jpg
travelling by foot
travelling by horse.jpg
travelling by horse
village at mohale dam.jpg
village at mohale dam
village on the way to pulane.jpg
village on the way to pulane

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